What we believe

At Carlton Cards, we believe that sustainability is not simply an initiative, but a core principle guiding how we do business. We incorporate sustainable practices in our day-to-day operations as well as in our long-term planning. As a company dedicated to making the world a more thoughtful and caring place, we recognize the importance of our planet’s limited resources and our role in sustaining them.

What we do

Carlton Cards thrives by fostering relationships with our associates, retailers, consumers, communities and world through sustainable environmental practices.

We continually take steps to find innovative ways to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Create environmentally friendly products
  • Explore options to make our operations more energy efficient

Carlton Cards is an Industry Steward with Multi Material BC, Stewardship Manitoba, Stewardship Ontario and Éco Entreprises Québec, not-for-profit organizations that manage for their prospective province’s curbside recycling program for printed paper and packaging.

As an Industry Steward, we contribute fees that help fund the costs of collecting, transporting, recycling and safely disposing of waste.

Our Communities

Supporting our communities is a top priority.

Exclusively through the efforts and financial support of our dedicated Associates, we organize many fundraising events for the benefit of organizations such as The Hospital for Sick Children, The Starlight Children's Foundation and our local Food Banks. These organizations make a true difference to many of our fellow Canadians who have met unexpected obstacles, illnesses or other life-changing events.

Our employees enjoy participating in these activities and feel privileged to have helped make even a small difference in the lives of our fellow Canadians. Carlton Cards salutes these efforts, is proud of our associates' dedication to such causes and is only too happy to provide the tools and time to allow these fundraising events to happen.

Our Associates

In June 2008, the Carlton Cards Head Office relocated to a new location in Mississauga, Ontario. The new state of the art building’s energy efficient features keeps our ecologic footprint to a minimum.

We’re also helping our associates reduce waste and energy consumption through a paperless communications system and provide assistance to make environmentally friendly choices.

Our Retailers

Sustainability is a crucial facet of our long-term relationships with our customers. Our retail partners have aggressive multi-year sustainability goals, and we play an important role in helping achieve those goals. Ways we approach this include meeting or exceeding our retailers’ specifications for the manufacture of paper and plastic products, continually evolving our recycling efforts at retail, and shipping to retail more efficiently to save on waste.

Our Operations

By implementing an extensive recycling program, enhancing our energy usage at retail and in our facilities, integrating a vendor social compliance policy, reducing waste in our shipping practices and offering our key retailers opportunities to make more efficient use of their customized materials, we are ensuring a sustainability program that runs throughout our business chain.

Our Paper Sourcing Policy

Our Paper Sourcing Policy (Cards and Envelopes)

Carlton Cards recognizes that as a company that relies upon the paper industry for many of our products, it is essential that we work with suppliers that take their responsibility to protect the environment seriously. To do this, we seek to contract with paper suppliers who meet the highest environmental standards, demonstrate sustainable forestry and use recycled content as appropriate.

Carlton Cards supports efforts to increase the overall amount of certified forests and recognizes and supports all credible forestry certification standards. We believe that any recognition of this important topic will result in the growth of socially responsible forestry management.

  • Sustainable Forestry – Carlton Cards is proud to be part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. As a company certified to the SFI standards, we only contract with reputable paper suppliers who are third-party accredited to ensure the use of certified fiber content and whose product comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition, all of our paper suppliers are required to comply with applicable laws governing the harvesting of timber such as the Lacey Act, which bars the importation of illegally harvested wood and wood products.
  • We have obtained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) for portions of its business. (TRADEMARK LICENSE CODE: FSC-C138823) Ask about our FSC®-certified products.
  • Recycling Programs – All wastepaper generated in the production process of our products is recycled. Most of our cards are made of fully recyclable materials and can be recycled by the end user.
  • Carbon Footprint Reductions – we measure our global emissions so that we track progress towards our goal of a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Sourcing – We continue to evaluate all domestic and international materials suppliers and their progress toward the goal of reducing our collective impact on the environment.