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Carlton Cards is Canada’s #1 greeting card company. Making the world a more thoughtful and caring place. Every. Single. Day. has been the heart of our mission for more than 100 years. Our outstanding portfolio of brands provide Canadians with innovative and unique greeting card options to build meaningful connections and deliver special ways to express themselves.

Our fine assortment of greeting cards includes brands like Carlton Cards, Papyrus, Recycled Paper Greetings and Cartes Carlton. We also have two value brands for our price-sensitive consumers: Today and Always and Gibson. You can buy Carlton Cards in many top retailers across Canada.

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Carlton Cards is our flagship brand and offers thousands of outstanding cards and innovative designs for Canadians to express themselves and find the perfect way to connect, celebrate meaningful relationships, life’s milestones and special occasions.

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Our Cartes Carlton brand brings an amazing card selection for French-speaking Canadians and is the only major French greeting card brand in Canada that is specifically tested and developed for the French market. We are dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, providing the perfect card for every occasion.

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Our Papyrus brand is the preeminent, premium greeting card brand that draws inspiration from fashion, art and lifestyle trends, adding a creative and stylish flair to the greeting card category. Our products appeal to consumers with a sophisticated sense of style and an appreciation for the remarkable quality and artistry that have become synonymous with Papyrus.

From glamorous gems and stunning sparkles to eye-catching laser cutouts and uniquely chic finishes, each detail is handcrafted into the most extraordinary designs.

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Our Recycled Paper Greetings brand is rooted in humour, sometimes edgy and always surprising! Topical and ever-evolving, Recycled Paper Greetings cards are designed entirely by independent artists. As the undisputed leader in funny, Recycled Paper Greetings has both the creativity and shock value that is sure to stand out and make you laugh out loud.

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Other paper product categories include gift-wrap, party goods, stationery and boxed cards.

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