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About Us

Carlton Cards is Canada’s #1 greeting card company. We make the world a more thoughtful and caring place. Every. Single. Day.

Our mission is simple: To create and share happiness laughter and love with our outstanding brands of greeting cards that include:

sample cards from Carlton Cards

Our Carlton Cards brand offers thousands of fresh and amazing cards, providing Canadians the perfect way to connect and celebrate meaningful relationships, life’s milestones and special occasions. We are continually improving and adding innovative ways for you to express yourself. 

samples cards from Cartes Carlton

Our Cartes Carlton brand brings an amazing card selection for French-speaking Canadians. We are dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, providing the perfect card for every occasion.

sample cards from Papyrus

Our Papyrus brand is the preeminent, premium greeting card brand that draws inspiration from fashion, art and lifestyle trends. Our products appeal to discerning consumers with a sophisticated sense of style and an appreciation for the remarkable quality and artistry that have become synonymous with Papyrus.

sample cards from Recycled Paper Greetings

Our Recycled Paper Greetings brand is rooted in humour, sometimes edgy and always surprising! Topical and ever-evolving, Recycled Paper Greetings are designed entirely by independent artists.  Seriously, you’ll like these cards!

Other paper product offerings include gift-wrap, ornaments, party goods, stationery and boxed cards.

Where can you find our cards and product?

 Visit our store locator to find a store near you.

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